Mayhem in Brussels as Cars Torched, Over 200 Arrested

New Year's Eve was chaotic in Belgium's capital city with police making over 200 arrests amid widespread fires and property destruction, according to local media.

Preliminary reports indicate at least 211 people were arrested during the night for offenses ranging from arson to shooting projectiles to vandalism.

At least 21 cars and a scooter were either set alight or damaged by nearby blazes, and fire response teams mitigated roughly 75 burning trash cans.

"STIB also reports a series of incidents," HLN reports.

"Around 00.22 hours at the Ypres stop, projectiles were thrown at a tram, breaking the windows; graffiti was sprayed on two metro sets at Erasmus station; a bus shed was destroyed on Sint-Pietersplein in Uccle; and a police car was destroyed for yet unknown reason near the tram tracks at the Raadsplein."

Additionally, an unidentified male migrant was reportedly stabbed near a metro station after a skirmish with other men.

The victim, 21, managed to enter the station before collapsing and being rushed to hospital.

Officials hailed a lack of 'major riots' like those which unfolded a year ago, crediting increased police presence around the city for preventing additional mayhem.

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