Officers Beaten in Multiple Weekend Attacks in French City

French police officers were the victims in multiple attacks launched just minutes apart in the city of Lyon during the weekend, according to reports.

Two separate incidents involving off-duty cops unfolded in the early hours of Saturday morning.

At around 4:30 a.m., two gendarmes from the military police were walking through Place des Terreaux in the city center when they were approached by three suspects intent on robbing them.

After one of the thieves attempted to unhook the necklace of an officer, the duo began to fight back, at which point they were "pepper-sprayed, thrown on the ground, and beaten. A watch was also stolen by the criminals who finally fled," Lyon Mag reports.

One of the assailants was later arrested and investigators are working to locate the others, according to the most recent available updates.

Moments later, at around 4:50 a.m., two local officers in their early 20s were exiting a nightclub in a neighboring arrondissement when a male suspect began harassing one of their female companions, Le Progres reports.

When the young men asked him to stop, several individuals joined in and attacked them.

Upon announcing their status as officers of the law, the assailants became even more aggressive, beating one of the officers unconscious and robbing their victims before escaping.

It is unclear if any of the suspects have been identified or located at this time.

The attacks come amid a heated debate over violent crime and lawlessness tied to mass migration in France.

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