Official Figures Show Foreigners Responsible for 52 Percent of All Rapes in Spain

Official statistics released in Spain show that foreigners account for over 52 per cent of rape convictions despite representing just over 11 per cent of the population.

The new figures once again defy the common refrain that diversity is a strength.

The data, released by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE) and analyzed by The Objective, shows that out of 46 convictions issued for rape in 2021, native Spaniards were responsible for 22 cases compared to 24 cases for non-Spanish foreigners.

Foreigners make up 5.4 million people out a total population of 47.4 million, meaning foreign nationals, who make up 11.39 per cent of the population, commit 52.1 per cent of all rapes.

The stats also show that when considering convictions for all cases of sexual assault, foreigners are responsible for 45.62 per cent of cases.

Out of the 244 sexual assault convictions, Africans account for 93 cases despite representing only 2.4 per cent of the Spanish population.

“The data shows overall that sexual assaults are rising,” reports Remix News.

“In 2020, there were 428 sexual assault convictions. Spaniards were responsible for 238 cases and foreign nationals 190 (44.39 percent). Five years ago, in 2017, this percentage was 42.38 percent, of which 13.44 percent were African. The share of Africans involved in such cases has nearly doubled in five years.”

“Similar trends are present in Italy, where migrants account for nearly 50 percent of rapes. In Germany, they account for 36 percent of all sexual assaults, including half of all gang rapes, and France features similar numbers. In Sweden, foreigners are drastically overrepresented in sexual assault cases.”

Meanwhile, the Spanish populist party VOX, recently endorsed by Donald Trump, is calling for a new referendum on immigration.

VOX leader Santiago Abascal wants to see migrants who arrive in the country with the intention of committing crimes swiftly deported.

“That is, we will have to vote if we want secure borders, orderly immigration policies that protect our freedom, our security and our prosperity,” Abascal said.


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