Open Borders Activists Blockade Italian Ministry of Transport

Dozens of open borders activists chained themselves to the entrance of the Italian Ministry of Transport in Rome to protest the government’s policies towards migration.

The activists, who are reportedly part of the “#restiamounmani” (stay human) movement, told local media they wished to “protest in a peaceful and non-violent way against the policy of the current government which, in collusion with the European Union, is exponentially increasing the number of people who are dying by attempting the crossing to reach the European coasts.”

Wearing life jackets and holding signs reading “Rescue Obligation,” “Rights Drowned,” and “State Shipwrecks,” protestors attempted to barricade the entrance to the building until authorities arrived with bolt cutters and forcibly removed them from the scene.

The Italian government’s new hardline approach to dealing with migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea, with the assistance of non-governmental organizations, has greatly reduced illegal immigration to the country - and sparked outcry from ‘refugees welcome’ proponents both at the grassroots and governmental levels.

Infowars has reported at length on the crisis of migrant ferrying taking place on the Mediterranean, including a harrowing incident this week when an Italian cargo vessel attempted to rescue stranded migrants and return them to Libya.

After learning that they would not be transported to Europe as they desired, migrants aboard the Vos Thalassa threatened to kill the crew if their demands were not met.

“The Italian coastguard picked up the migrants after receiving a call for help from the ship. They were being taken yesterday to Italy where the ringleaders will be questioned by police over the incident,” reported the London Times.

“The mutiny on the Vos Thalassa marked an escalation in problems in the Mediterranean after Italy’s new populist government refused entry to migrants picked up by charity boats and handed over rescue responsibilities to the Libyan coastguard.”

(PHOTO: Stefano Montesi/Corbis/Getty Images)

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