Ex-Official Raises Alarm Over 160 Terrorists Freed Early From UK Prisons

More than 160 terrorists have been released from UK prisons ahead of schedule in the past seven years, according to a former top security official.

Sir John Hayes, who served as Minister of State for Security until 2016, revealed the figures to Members of Parliament as they scramble to enact emergency legislation to prevent terror convicts from being freed early, the Sun reports.

According to Hayes, at least 163 terrorists were released prior to the ends of their sentences in the last seven years — a figure which does not include those who served less than one year.

“Leaving aside the short sentences, the more serious terrorist prisoners have been released in significant numbers,” Hayes said.

“Just imagine the effect on our security services and police of having to deal with the possible consequences of those releases.”

The Terrorist Offenders Bill, which heads to the House of Lords after being quickly passed by the House of Commons, would extend the amount of time terrorists must serve before being considered for early release from half of sentence to two-thirds.

Additionally, some prison terms could be extended ‘indefinitely.’

The fast-tracked legislation comes after multiple attacks by jihadis released onto UK streets before the ends of their sentences, including the recent stabbing spree by Sudesh Amman in the Streatham district of London.

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