Over 2,000 Migrants Have Crossed the English Channel This Year - a New Record

More than 2,000 migrants have crossed the English Channel this year seeking asylum in the United Kingdom, setting a new record with over six months yet to go in 2020.

Roughly 70 illegal migrants were picked up earlier this week by multiple U.K Border Force vessels and ferried to land, the Daily Mail reports.

A day before, 17 migrants reached U.K. shores in two dinghies, bringing the year's total to 1,991, well above the previous annual high of 1,850, which was recorded in 2019.

Incredibly, over 1,620 illegal aliens have made the crossing since the U.K. announced a coronavirus lockdown on March 23.

At least 261 migrants have reached U.K. shores so far in June, with 166 crossing in eight boats on June 3, also a new record.

"5 more illegal migrant boats into Dover already today. No doubt the government would rather this was not discussed," Brexit architect Nigel Farage tweeted on Monday.

"More migrant boats yesterday with landings by UK authorities in Dover and Ramsgate. Clearly, a second port is now being used to prepare for the invasion. Our government says nothing..." he wrote in a follow-up post on Wednesday.

Farage has single-handedly raised considerable awareness about the flood of migrants and human smugglers pouring across the Channel, calling it an "invasion."

He recently exposed the Channel migration crisis as an operation which both the U.K. and French governments are actively facilitating.

In a video report titled, "I caught the French Navy cheating," Farage and his team monitored a French naval ship shadowing a small boat laden with migrants as it crossed the Channel into British waters and was picked up by a U.K. Border Force vessel.

"They simply don't want you to know what the truth is," Farage said in late May. "I think the numbers that come over the course of the summer will justify the use of the word 'invasion.'"

"Twice in a week, we have caught the French navy acting as an escort for illegal migrants into British waters, and our Border Force... effectively being complicit in it."

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