Over 80 Percent of Somalis in Switzerland on Welfare

More than 80 percent of Somalis living in Switzerland are on welfare, according to government statistics.

New figures released by the Federal Statistical Office and the State Secretariat for Migration indicate that citizens of Middle Eastern and African countries are overwhelmingly represented in social assistance programs, compared with a tiny minority of Swiss natives.

"Of the slightly more than 4,000 Somalis living in Switzerland at the end of 2017, almost all received social assistance. The corresponding rate was 83.7 percent - the highest among all nationalities," 20 Minutes reports.

"Eritreans (54.7%) and Angolans (54.0%) often received social assistance. They are followed by Iraqis, Ethiopians and Congolese. Among the Swiss population, the proportion of those receiving social assistance was 2.3 percent."

The numbers are troubling, as they indicate that many migrants are freeloading off Swiss taxpayers without giving much in return, says MP Damian Müller.

"Integration is not a one-way street," Müller said. "Refugees are also responsible."

Gaby Szöllösy, secretary-general of the cantonal conference of social directors, recognizes that many 'refugees' do not possess qualifications to hold high-paying jobs, and that they are often accompanied by large families which require substantial resources to support.

While the true economic impact of 'refugee resettlement' is hidden and downplayed by bureaucrats and organizations behind the global scheme, some small towns in Sweden could be viewed as canaries in the coal mine.

Municipalities such as Filipstad and Vilhelmina are now facing economic crises due to an overloading of welfare-dependent migrants and reduced federal support, as Infowars Europe reported last month.

Another indicator can found found in Germany, where 'unaccompanied minor refugees' are costing taxpayers as much as $70,000 per year - while nearly half of those claiming to be minors are actually adults. Similar figures have also been calculated in the U.K.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proclaimed during a recent town hall event that it doesn't matter if you're documented or undocumented - it's a human right to be allowed into the USA.


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