Pakistani Trio Arrested for Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting Group of Migrants in Greece

Three Pakistani nationals were arrested after Greek authorities discovered a group of migrants being held against their will inside a warehouse in Thessaloniki, according to reports.

Six males and two females of foreign origin were found trapped inside an abandoned building.

The women say they had been forced to perform sex acts by their captors.

A trio of Pakistanis, aged 19, 20, and 22, are suspected of abducting the migrants when they failed to pay fees related to human trafficking during their journey into Greece.

“According to the investigation carried out by police officers of the Immigration Management Department of the Thessaloniki Directorate of Foreigners, the illegal immigrants entered Greek territory and then were transferred from a location in the Evros region to Thessaloniki," Dikastiko reports.

The illegal aliens were reportedly handed over to the Pakistani suspects, who demanded large payments from the families of the migrants.

When the migrants refused or were unable to produce the funds, the Pakistanis reportedly withheld promised travel documents and held them for ransom.

The migrants say they were beaten and sexually assaulted while trapped in the warehouse.

“A case was filed against the suspects for the offenses of illegal transportation and promotion of immigrants within the country, criminal organization, kidnapping, illegal detention, rape, bodily harm, and threats, which will be taken to the competent prosecutor,” Pentapostagma reports.

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