Paris Knifeman Adult Migrant Posing as Afghan Child, Police Say

The suspect in a Paris stabbing rampage that left seven wounded is reportedly an adult migrant who held immigration papers issued to an Afghan child.

Sources within the investigation say the suspect, who is thought to be in his 30s and from either from Afghanistan or Pakistan, was posing as a child and was already know to authorities.

"He is unconscious in hospital in Paris, and has not spoken since the attack, but he was carrying immigration documents issued to an Afghan minor," a source told the Daily Express. "It may be that he is an adult Afghan or Pakistani using the documents illegally."

"One of the English victims was stabbed in the chest, while the other was also badly hurt. Both remain in hospital along with two others who are in a very serious condition."

The Sun reports the attacker was "previously known to police," however officials and mainstream media have been quick to downplay "terrorism" as a factor in the rampage.

The attack began near a cinema on the Canal de l’Ourcq at Villette, in an area "well known for its immigrant communities, many of them Afghan, some sleeping rough as they try to get to the UK to claim asylum," according to the Sun.

The suspect is said to have started striking passers-by with an iron bar before a group of men attempted to neutralize him by throwing metal balls from their 'petanque' game.

He then drew a large knife and began stabbing his victims, including two British tourists, who were rushed to hospital in serious condition, suffering from wounds to the chest and head.

Adult migrants often pose as children to reap additional benefits and increase the likelihood they will be allowed to remain in their countries of choice.

A study ordered by the Swedish government in 2017 found that at least 84 percent of migrants who claimed to be 'underage' were actually adults – a common theme across Europe.

A UK immigration officer quoted in a recent Spectator article entitled Not Refugees, Not Children revealed, "For years now we have had adult Pakistani males arriving in this country maintaining they are Afghan teenagers. They tell me they are 13 or 14, but they are clearly over 20, well developed and with good facial hair."

(PHOTO: Photo by Zakaria ABDELKAFI / AFP)

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