Poland Arrests Agitators Sabotaging Border Fence

Polish authorities have arrested more than a dozen open borders activists who tried to damage fencing along the border with Belarus, according to reports.

Thirteen agitators were apprehended on Sunday after they attempted to sabotage razor wire erected to combat illegal migrants pouring in via Belarus.

The migration surge comes as thousands of aliens hailing mostly from the Middle East and Africa have been streaming into Poland, Lithuania, and other neighboring countries amid deteriorating relations between Minsk and the European Union.

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski called the acts of those arrested “absolutely unacceptable," asserting they will “bear all the legal consequences of their actions.”

The militants – 12 Poles and one Dutch – were reportedly caught destroying the barrier in order to effectively facilitate easier illegal migration into Poland.

"The boundary wire must be removed - in the symbolic and real layer. The barriers were set up not against the enemies of the state, but the victims of foreign regimes," the group wrote in a statement.

"We owe such solidarity to those who are waiting in vain for help and shelter from us - both there in Afghanistan and here on our borders."

Poland recently began constructing a new 180 kilometer fence along its border with Belarus.

Pro-migrant agitators have reportedly attempted to leverage the crisis in Afghanistan to put pressure on Warsaw to allow entry to Afghan aliens currently "stranded" at the border.

"But local attention has focused heavily on 32 people — described by a refugee group as Afghans — who have been stuck in a no man’s land along the border near the Polish village of Usnarz Górny for weeks. Poland’s government says they are on Belarusian soil and will not let them walk the short distance into Poland to apply for asylum. It argues that Belarus is responsible for them," the Associated Press reported on Sunday.

A record number of migrants was recently arrested entering Poland through Belarus earlier this month.

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