Poland Warns of Imminent 'Coordinated' Invasion as Over 10,000 Migrants Rush Border

The escalating migrant crisis along the Poland-Belarus border has grown exponentially more complex as thousands of illegal aliens gather in the region, according to reports.

Belarusian authorities are helping to move waves of migrants hailing mostly from the Middle East to the Polish frontier, Warsaw says, warning of potential armed conflict.

"The current situation on the Belarusian-Polish border is a result of the deliberate escalation of tension by the Belarusian side," the Polish government said in a statement. "There are large groups of migrants in the area of our border, which are fully controlled by the Belarusian security services and army."

"A coordinated attempt to massively enter the territory of the Republic of Poland by migrants used by Belarus for the hybrid attacks against Poland has just begun."

More than 12,000 troops are now deployed at the border and at least 8,000 additional soldiers from the Polish Territorial Army have been activated.

"Belarus wants to cause a major incident, preferably with shots fired and casualties," Deputy Foreign Minister Piotr Wawrzyk asserted in an interview on Polish radio.

Large groups of hundreds of migrants are amassing along the Polish border with over 10,000 more reportedly on the way.

"We expect that in the coming hours attacks on our border will be renewed by groups of several hundred people," Pawel Soloch, chief of Poland's National Security Bureau, told the media on Monday.

Stunning footage of the mounting catastrophe is being shared on social media.

Most of the migrants are military-aged males, many of whom are already attacking Polish officers and working to destroy sections of the border fence.

Infowars Europe will continue to monitor this story as it develops.

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