German Police Officer Blasts Parliament Over Islamists, Open Borders

German society is destabilizing as migrants and jihadists pour in through open borders, warns police officer and politician Martin Hess.

Hess, who serves in the Bundestag as a member of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, eviscerated his colleagues from establishment parties during a recent speech on the floor of parliament, accusing them of abdicated their duties to protect citizens and secure the nation's borders.

"The threat of terrorism is higher than ever before, and therefore we must act now to implement measures to protect our citizens," Hess said. "Enough talk. Now is the time for action, and this requires that the main problem be solved, which is responsible for the disasters in the area of internal security: our open borders."

"The truth has been and remains: Germany is uncertain as never before. Never before in our country have we needed to protect our Christmas markets with concrete bollards from Islamist attacks. Never before in the history of our country did we need 'women's protection zones' to be set up at public events to protect our women."

Hess pointed out that there were 776 Islamic terror suspects in Germany as of July, 2018, compared with 165 in 2014. He also noted that "almost all" terror suspects entered Germany as "refugees."

Estimates indicate over 1.6 million mostly-Muslim migrants have poured into the country since 2014.

"You irresponsibly neglect the security and protection of our citizens," Hess said.
"As long as this cardinal error of 'open borders' is not corrected in German security policy, all attempts to improve the security agencies will have no impact."

Hess called out the hypocrisy of government officials who spare no expense or resource in protecting themselves, while failing to do the same for their constituents, pointing to a massive security and border control campaign for the 2017 G20 summit in Hamburg during which police arrested some 744 known criminals.

"People without a legitimate reason for entry [into Germany] should be consistently rejected, and all persons who are staying illegally in our country should be permanently removed," Hess said.

He blasted prominent politicians who gaslight citizens by telling them terrorism is "just a risk of 21st century life" or that "we will have to learn to live with terror - because the opposite is true."

"In the name of our citizens, our children and grandchildren, we cannot and will not live with this terror," Hess vowed. "We want a safe Germany without concrete bollards and without women's protection zones . . . We need politicians who are determined to fight Islamist terrorism effectively and make this fight a top priority, right now."

As Infowars Europe reported last week, authorities arrested three Iraqi migrants under "suspicion of preparing a serious act of violence" involving a bomb and a vehicle in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein.

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