Polish Border Erupts as Mobs of Violent Migrants Injure Soldiers

Multiple Polish soldiers were injured during clashes with large groups of migrants attempting to forcibly enter the country via Belarus during the weekend.

Migrants hailing mostly from the Middle East and Africa have become increasingly violent along the Poland–Belarus frontier, destroying barriers and using weapons – both formal and improvised – to attack Polish authorities.

Mobs of 60 to 70 illegal aliens stormed the border on Saturday and Sunday, reportedly aided by Belarusian officers.

"The incident took place about 0.5 km from Usnarz Gorny," the Polish Border Guard explained in a statement about events that unfolded on Sunday. "A group of foreigners, consisting of about 60 people, tried to enter Poland by force."

"The foreigners used sticks and threw stones at Border Guard officers and Polish soldiers. One of the soldiers was hit by a branch in the face and another one by a stone. Both had to be transported to a hospital in Białystok. Their lives are not threatened and they have already left the hospital."

Polish border officers also suffered minor injuries during the skirmish.

Hours earlier, a larger group of migrants attempted a similar penetration after Belarusian soldiers in civilian clothes reportedly cut through concertina wire for them.

"The day before, on Saturday, foreigners also tried to cross into Poland near Usnarz Górny. A group of about 70 persons behaving aggressively (among others throwing stones) tried unsuccessfully to break into Polish territory," authorities say.

Over 25,000 illegal border crossings have been thwarted by Polish authorities so far this year, including nearly 14,000 since the beginning of October.

A surge of migrant traffic towards Poland and neighboring countries came after Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko threatened to allow aliens and drugs to flood Europe amid fraying diplomatic ties with the E.U. earlier this year.

The Polish parliament recently passed laws that would allow border agents to quickly eject illegal aliens, even if they attempt to claim asylum.

Lawmakers also gave the green light for construction of a new high-tech physical barrier along the border with Belarus and other measures to prevent mass migration into the country.

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