Polish Defense Ministry Signs Contract to Buy 250 Tanks From US

The Polish Defence Ministry signed a contract for the purchase of 250 US tanks Abrams, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

Earlier, the consent to the sale of Abrams tanks to Poland was given by the US State Department and the US Congress.

The contract provides for the supply of 250 Abrams tanks of the latest modification M1A2 SEPv3 to Poland.

In addition to 250 combat vehicles, Poland is buying logistics and training packages under the signed contract, in particular, tank crew simulators.

The total amount allocated for the tank purchase program is about $6 billion. The Polish military said earlier that this would be the largest purchase of weapons in the history of the Polish Army.

The ministry does not hide the fact that the tanks will be deployed in the eastern part of the country, primarily in the 18th mechanised division and the 1st tank brigade.

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