Polish Police Capture 18 Migrants Smuggled in Ambulance

Polish authorities reportedly discovered 18 illegal aliens being smuggled into the country in an ambulance amid an explosive migrant crisis along the Belarusian frontier.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday evening in Wieliczka, a small town in Poland near the borders of Belarus and Lithuania.

A police patrol passed a suspicious-looking ambulance heading in the opposite direction and decided to pull it over for further inspection.

In the front seat, officers encountered two Polish citizens wearing clothing inconsistent with emergency health crews.

Both men were found to be 28-year-old residents of the capital city of Warsaw – more than three hours away by car.

When officers opened the rear of the vehicle, they discovered 18 migrants in hiding.

It was later determined they were all citizens of Iraq who had entered Poland illegally.

"The car was secured, and the driver, passenger and foreigners were detained and handed over to the Border Guard and the prosecutor's office. For helping to cross the border illegally, the men may be imprisoned for up to eight years," Polsat News reports.

The bust comes as a growing crisis along the Poland–Belarus border has exploded in recent days, with thousands of migrants camped out along the frontier and thousands more making their way to the region.

A surge of migrant traffic towards Poland and neighboring countries began after Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko threatened to allow aliens and drugs to flood Europe amid fraying diplomatic ties with the E.U. earlier this year.

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