Poll: Europeans Strongly Oppose Mass Migration, EU's Handling of Crisis

Europeans strongly oppose mass migration to the continent and the EU's handling of the on-going crisis, according to a new survey with an enormous sample size.

Over 35,000 Europeans from 35 countries polled by the Szazadveg Institute responded to questions about the threat of mass migration to prosperity, safety, and Christian culture, as well as their thoughts on the different approaches taken to the issues by formerly socialist Eastern nations and those in Western Europe.

Key findings of the poll include:

  • 76% of respondents say illegal migration to their countries is a serious problem, with Bulgarians feeling the most strongly about the issue at 89%.
  • 68% fear "African immigrants will arrive at Europe en masse in the next decade."
  • 55% believe most immigrants come to the EU for economic benefits and welfare, an increase from 47% in 2016.
  • 61% say a mass influx of non-European migrants will be a setback for the economy.
  • 63% say an influx of non-European migrants would increase the likelihood of cultural conflicts, while only 26% believe it provides a multicultural boost.
  • 50% say East-Central European governments have handled the migration crisis best, with Hungary receiving highest marks at 70%. Only 24% support the EU's management of the crisis.
  • Residents of Eastern European and low-migration countries overwhelmingly oppose the EU's 'refugee distribution' quotas.
  • 58% say Europe should preserve its Christian culture, while only 31% would prefer the culture move in a secular direction.

The study, titled Project 28, serves as a follow-up to similar public opinion poll conducted in 2016 and portrays a rapidly changing sentiment towards migrants and mass migration as the repercussions of the 2015 'refugee crisis' continue to ripple across the continent.

"Europe continues to face key changes today, and its geopolitical and strategic position has changed significantly,” the Szazadveg Institute explains in the report's introduction.

“Just as in the previous years, the Szazadveg Foundation conducted this uniquely comprehensive survey in Q1 2019, focusing on the key topics that influence the European political and social discourse, such as the migration crisis, the connection between illegal immigration the terror threat, the performance of the EU in various aspects, the effects of globalization, the relation to the Christian culture.”

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