Presidential Candidate Wants ‘France to Remain French’

The hot topic of replacement migration cropped up yet again during a television debate in France, when a challenging presidential candidate attempting to win the Republican ticket said he wanted ‘France to remain French’.

The statement was made by French MP Éric Ciotti, who was the only Republican candidate not to shy away from using the term “Great Replacement” to describe how Muslim immigration has changed France.

“Sixty-seven percent of French and 84 percent of Republicans use the term ‘Great Replacement,” Ciotti said in the debate on television channel LCI, referring to a poll by Harris Interactive which found that the majority of French citizens thought “white and Christian populations are being threatened with extinction (via) Muslim immigration.”

“You can call this phenomenon what you want, but I wish that France remains French,” said Ciotti. “We are the inheritants of a magnificent history: that of the light but also that of a Judeo-Christian civilization.”

During comments made after the show, Ciotti insisted that the process of replacement migration was manifesting in plain sight.

“Why deny the obvious? We can see that our society is changing, moreover, I repeat, here again it is in the France Strategy which is placed alongside the prime minister who gave these figures which show that today there are more and more births in France linked to foreign parents or of foreign origin, this has accelerated considerably over the last ten or 20 years.”

“There are some who can be satisfied with it, such as Emmanuel Macron, and the left, who advocate a multicultural society. I am not satisfied with it… I would like us to take measures today to stop the mass immigration that is fueling this situation and this change in society. It is mass immigration, mainly of Arab-Muslim culture, that is the cause of this modification, so we must tackle the source,” he added.

French author Eric Zemmour, who is also expected to run for president and recently moved to within 5 points of Emmanuel Macron, has also warned that France is at risk of becoming a second Lebanon due to the fear, hatred and sectarianism generated by mass migration.

He previously called for France’s notorious Islamic ghetto no-go zones, which are routinely the scene of violence and mass rioting, to be “re-conquered by force.”

France’s feared banlieues are suburbs on the edge of major cities controlled by large groups of Muslim gangs who attack police officers, fire crews and ambulance workers who venture into the area.

As we previously highlighted, National Rally leader Marine Le Pen also told Hungarians to avoid the fate of France by refusing to capitulate to mass immigration.


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