Pro-Western Civilization Parties Will Rule Across Europe - Historian

“Hungary’s anti-migration policy serves as a model for other European countries," Daniel Pipes, President of the Middle East Forum told Hungarian weekly Hetek.

“Your government decided to build a fence on the border and managed to finish it. This was a right and necessary decision because this is a national competence,” Pipes said, adding that European voters are starting to understand the dangers of immigration and Islamization.

According to Pipes, “civilizational parties” will rule everywhere in Europe in 15-20 years, and “then Prime Minister Viktor Orban won’t be so alone.”

“Your government is doing something that not even Salvini, Kaczynski or Strache dares to do. For them Viktor Orban is a hero,” Pipes said.


He reminded that the Swiss People’s Party is the strongest party in Switzerland and the Danish People’s Party is supporting its government too, but “it’s impressive that in Hungary the government has won a majority of two thirds with a program not even right-wing politicians really dare to take up in other countries."

Daniel Pipes attended the MCC Budapest Conference on Migration in Hungary’s capital.

You can read this story as it originally appears at Hungary Journal here.

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