Professor: Rory Stewart is an Establishment "Spy" Tasked With Destroying Brexit

A history professor at the London School of Economics asserts that Conservative Party leadership candidate Rory Stewart is a “spy” who is being backed by the establishment to destroy Brexit.

Stewart has denied claims he spied for MI6 after it was revealed that he was recruited by the Secret Intelligence Service after graduating from Oxford University.

The London Telegraph reported, “Claims from a Whitehall security source, who said that Mr Stewart had spent seven years as a spy before entering Parliament.”

However, according to Alan Sked, emeritus professor of international history at the London School of Economics, it is “very likely” that Stewart is an establishment plant who has been tasked with derailing Brexit.

“It is beginning to look as if Stewart is an MI6 officer (spy). His father was deputy head of MI6 for most of the 1970s and a leak from an intelligence source says that Rory was a spy for seven years before becoming an MP. The last throw of the SIS to destroy Brexit? Very likely,” said Sked.

Stewart has been heavily promoted by both pro-Remain Tories and leftists since the start of the leadership campaign.

He is also a member of the globalist Bilderberg Group, which set the consensus to create the euro single currency back in the 1950’s and is firmly behind the expansion of the EU superstate.

Bilderberg has previously acted as kingmaker for numerous heads of state across Europe. Tony Blair attended a Bilderberg meeting before he became Prime Minister in 1997.

The current favorite to become the next Prime Minister of the UK is Boris Johnson, who campaigned to leave the European Union, but polls show that Stewart is now second favorite.


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