Prominent Journalist Demoted For Tweet Linking Leftist Support For Riots, Mass Migration

A prominent Swedish journalist has been demoted to a 'non-writing' position after posting a tweet tying leftist support for rioting in the U.S. with an agenda behind mass migration into his own country, according to reports.

Mats Skogkär, a lead editorial writer for Sydsvenskan, dared to post wrongthink on his personal Twitter account in a statement that has garnered substantial support.

“When you see the left's most sexual arousal over the riots in the United States, over the looting, fires and violence, it also becomes easier to understand its quest to create similar conditions through immigration here with a large, immigrant, ethnified and segregated underclass,” Skogkär wrote on Wednesday in a tweet that has accumulated over 3,000 likes at the time of this writing.

Skogkär was quickly denounced by his own editor-in-chief, Jonas Kanje, in a response to the original tweet from the paper's official account.

“This is a tweet that goes far beyond the limit,” Kanje wrote. “A way of expressing themselves that Sydsvenskan can never support. We distance ourselves from it.”

Skogkär was subsequently notified he was being removed from his current position, according to Fria Tider.

“Yesterday I was told that I have written my last editorial for HD / Sydsvenskan and that I will be relocated to a non-writing service,” Skogkär told Journalisten.

Skogkär said he intends to fight the decision, citing freedom of speech as his right to speak his mind from his own platform.

“I believe that my actions fall within the scope of the broad freedom of expression that applies in Sweden,” Skogkär said. “Bonnier News has freedom of speech as one of its core values. I myself over the years have written a lot of editorials on the topic of freedom of expression and how it must also apply to opinions and statements that are perceived as offensive.”

“Accepting a relocation would also mean accepting the label as a ‘right-wing extremist’ that Dagens Nyheter's editorial page is now trying to stick on me. I do not intend to do that.”

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