Protesters Bombard Police With Pig Heads in Spain

Following the Spanish Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the suspension of regional president Quim Torra, hundreds of protesters took to the streets, some of whom pelted heavily armed police with pigs’ heads.

The protests were organized by the Committees for the Defense of the Republic, and supporters filled the streets of the Catalonian regional capital to express their indignation at the decision, as well as their growing ire over Madrid’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

When the protesters reached the Public Prosecutor’s Office, they were stopped by a barrier erected by the police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, at which point they began bombarding the officers with the severed hogs’ heads. Local media reported that there were at least five arrests during the marches.

Trash cans were set on fire and protesters also forced open the gates of the Ciutadella Park, which had been shut since 4pm Monday afternoon. Pigs’ heads were also left outside the Ministry of Justice.

Pro-independence organisations called for rallies across the region in response to the court’s decision, as cries of “Not one step back! Independence!” and “The streets will always be ours!” rang out at demonstrations.

There were repeated calls throughout the marches for the release of political prisoners and for Catalan self-determination, the crowds roaring, “Occupation forces out!”

In the interim, Torra will be temporarily replaced by his vice president, Pere Aragones, until elections are held.

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