Concerns Over Radicalization Rise in French Schools

French education officials are using a government website to report radicalization they believe are “attacks on secularism.”

The submitted reports have been relatively vague and aren't helpful to local media trying to pinpoint the exact nature of the offenses.

What follows is categorial breakdown and percentage spread of the reported instances of secularism being “undermined.”

  • Wearing signs and religious clothing (25% of cases treated)
  • Refusal to practice a school activity or to fulfill its service obligations (20% of the cases treated)
  • Contestation of teaching or teaching not in conformity with the framework of the programs (12% of the treated cases)
  • Suspicion of religious proselytism (10% of the treated cases)
  • “Other facts” 33%

The “other facts” included rites and feasts conflicting with events and field trips, school absences, and “prolonged non-use of the school catering service linked to the practice of a cult.”

The vagueness of the offenses was slammed as inadequate by the French publication Liberation that referenced Jean-Michel Blanquer’s (Minister of Education) July comments of being inundated with reports detailing “attacks on secularism.”

“..Teachers and staff write to us every time that there is a problem of secularism - it is not always a problem of radicalization, fortunately - but a problem of attacking secularism,” said Blanquer. "We've had about 30 reports a day since we did that, so we have clear ideas."

Correspondingly, back as 2015, the French government asked teaching staff to report “anything that might suggest that a student is approaching radical Islam."

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