Iranian Migrant Arrested for Attacking Three Women at French Asylum Center

Police arrested an Iranian migrant for allegedly assaulting three women at an asylum center in France this week, according to reports.

The 25-year-old suspect was apprehended during a 'major' response from law enforcement and rescue services at a migrant reception center in the commune of Nédonchel on Monday morning.

Three female victims were hospitalized following the incident, which involved physical and verbal abuse, including death threats.

"Two are employed in the center, aged 33 and 56; the third is a 35-year-old Iranian," Fdesouche reports.

"The behavior of the individual, who made incoherent remarks, suggested a crisis of dementia."

The suspect was later admitted to a mental hospital for evaluation.

"The Arras prosecutor's office, requested, sees a possible criminal irresponsibility in this case following the diagnosis made by the psychiatrist in charge of examining the young migrant. However, the issuance of a medical certificate must confirm this," according to Fdesouche.

Migrants have been staying at the converted retirement home in Nédonchel since 2017, sparking the ire of local residents who have protested their unwelcome presence in the town.

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