Rapper Sings "I F**k France, I Burn France" as He Symbolically Strangles a White Woman

A controversial French rapper is facing more heat after he released a track in which he sings, “I fuck France, I burn France,” as he is portrayed strangling a white woman meant to symbolically represent France.

Nick Conrad was previously found guilty of incitement to violence and fined 5,000 euros for releasing a song in which he advocated killing white babies. Conrad appealed the verdict, claiming the track “was a comment on racism”.

However, his legal troubles haven’t deterred him from replicating similar behavior.

In a new song called Doux pays (sweet country), Conrad portrays France as a white woman whom he eventually strangles to death.

“I fuck France, I burn France, until she reaches agony” Conrad repeats in each chorus.

Elsewhere in the song, Conrad raps, “Cock in France’s mouth, I cum like a pig” and “this country has never been sweet” while complaining about racism and referring how the press accused him trying to “stir up violent civil war”.


Conrad is self-produced and part of his motivation for attracting attention he wouldn’t otherwise get is obviously predicated on causing the most offense possible.

While Facebook claims that it bans “dangerous people” who spread “hate,” the social network giant has taken no action against Conrad, nor has Facebook-owned Instagram or any other platform.


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