'Record' 8,000 Illegal Migrants Invade Spain's Canary Islands

More than 8,000 illegal migrants arrived in Spain's Canary Islands during the month of November, according to reports.

The archipelago, which sits off the northwest coast of Africa, has been inundated with migrants arriving by boat throughout the year.

"This figure is ten times higher than the total for 2019... the consequence being that temporary accommodation facilities and places are overwhelmed by this influx," Le Figaro reports.

Nearly 20,000 migrants have flooded the tiny island chain so far in 2020, reportedly approaching figures reached during a migration crisis in 2006.

“The Spanish government has launched an emergency plan to create 7,000 temporary accommodation places in the Canaries using 84 million euros in European funds, in addition to accommodating migrants in hotels and tourist complexes that have remained empty due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” the French paper reports.

Detention centers on the Spanish mainland have become so overwhelmed by illegal aliens arriving via the Canaries, they are reportedly being released shortly after landing.

"60 illegal immigrants had flown from the Canary Islands to be interned at the CETI in Alicante," Rubén Pulido, a press secretary in the VOX party, recently reported.

"Today they are released due to 'lack of space' in the detention center. And so it will happen with 90% of the more than 4,000 who have already traveled from the archipelago to the Peninsula."

The pathetic radical left is attacking us with shallow virtue signaling and shaming.

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