Record Number of Migrants Cross English Channel in Single Day

U.K. authorities intercepted 86 migrants illegally crossing the English Channel during a record-setting day, as two more boatloads were captured shortly after, according to reports.

Dozens of migrants from at least eight different countries were apprehended by border agents on Tuesday, either aboard small boats or shortly after disembarking onto English soil.

“Two groups of migrants, made up of Iranians, Iraqis and Turks made it to beaches in East Sussex without being intercepted at sea. They were eventually detained on land,” the Telegraph reports.

“Border Force and Coastguard dealt with incidents near Dover, Littlestone, Pett Level and Dungeness bringing ashore migrants claiming to be Afghan, Pakistani, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Ethiopian.”

Hours later, two more boats bearing another 21 migrants were intercepted off the coast of Kent, England, bringing the two-day total to 107.

At least 1,256 migrants have arrived in Britain via Channel crossings so far this year, according to figures compiled by the Telegraph, including 542 during the months of June, July, and August, which has been dubbed the “summer of chaos” by MP Charlie Elphicke.

In comparison, only 297 migrants were caught making the Channel crossing in the whole of 2018.

Officials have been warning that illegal crossings would increase with warmer weather after a surge began in late 2018, as Infowars Europe has reported frequently.

"The sea is like a duck pond," predicted retired coastguard officer Andy Roberts in February. "This is going to carry on and on. There will be lots more to come. The weather is so great for them. It's a perfect time for them."

British authorities recently revealed that migrants have become so emboldened by the lack of disciplinary action being taken against illegal crossers, some are simply calling police from their boats to arrange pick-up.

"Illegal migrants are ringing police to collect them from boats in the Channel because they are so sure of avoiding being returned to their countries, MPs have been told," the London Times reported in March.

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