Migrant Channel Crossings Hits New Record Despite UK Lockdown

More than 100 illegal migrants have been fetched from the English Channel by U.K. authorities since Friday, despite strict coronavirus lockdowns in both England and France.

At least 476 migrants have reached the U.K. via the Channel in April, the most on record in a single month, according to the Daily Mail.

Following a massive search-and-rescue mission involving Border Force vessels, a helicopter, and lifeboats, 13 migrants were taken to Dover on Monday, bringing the number of illegal crossers to at least 124 since the start of the weekend.

On Friday, 76 migrants traveling in five boats were 'rescued' by border authorities in the Channel, and on Saturday, another 35 made the crossing. Most claimed to hail from Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, and Kuwait.

"None of the migrants are being tested for coronavirus and are instead being observed for symptoms, the Home Office has confirmed," the Daily Mail reports, noting that "none of the migrants stopped since the outbreak of coronavirus have been tested."

“Instead, the Home Office says it will observe asylum seekers for symptoms of the virus and isolate those where necessary. That is despite reports that some of those living in migrant camps in France have been infected with the deadly virus.”

A government spokesperson told the Mail the decision not to test illegal aliens for coronavirus is 'in line' with Public Health England guidelines.

The number of migrants crossing the English Channel spiked by more than 600 percent in 2019, and the crisis has continued into 2020, as Infowars Europe regularly documents.

An estimated 850 migrants have already crossed the Channel this year amid a worldwide pandemic that has led to much of the European population being prevented from traveling between countries - or even leaving their homes.

Federal agencies confirm Chinese and CDC test kits were contaminated.


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