'Refugee Crisis' - Italian Journalist Exposes Big Lie

Maverick truth journalists are helping fuel a populist-nationalist fire that is consuming the European liberal order, despite being slandered as liars and purveyors of “fake news” by corporate media.

In an exclusive interview with Infowars Europe, Luca Donadel, a native of Turin, Italy, exposed the ugly reality of how migration and human trafficking are negatively affecting his country and Europe at large - topics he has covered in ultra-viral videos shared by the likes of Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

Donadel explained that Italy spends about five billion euros of taxpayer money per year on migrants - rescue, accommodation, medical expenses, etc., while Big Media claims that the European Union is primarily funding the giant operation, which Donadel says is deceptive reporting.

More than 700,000 migrants have landed on Italy’s shores since 2013 - sometimes thousands in a matter of hours - and there are roughly 500,000 illegal aliens living in the country.

At least 7 out of 10 migrants who cross from Africa to Europe are merely 'searching for a better life' - not fleeing wartorn homelands, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The vast majority are also able-bodied adult males.

Infowars Europe recently reported directly from a migrant village in Turin where over 1,000 mostly-African vagrants have commandeered a former Olympic athletes village, turning the neighborhood into an effective ‘no-go zone.'

“It’s a huge public security problem because nobody can do anything about it,” Donadel said. “You would have to bring the army to move these people - it’s a really big risk.”

“We’ve had several incidents where girls were passing by and were raped, and police can’t really do something about it. It’s very difficult to find out who the aggressors are and arrest them, because what can you do when you have 1,000 people who you know nothing about? They have no documents, nothing.”

Italy and its southern islands have become a dumping ground for NGO vessels and human traffickers, but the tide seems to be turning as Minister Salvini has led a series of high-profile rejections of migrant-laden ships, standing firm in a storm of international virtue signaling and outrage.

“As I point out in my video, the mainstream media was spreading fake news about the fact that the rescues are taking place in the Gulf of Sicily, but it’s not true at all because the NGO ships are in front of the coast of Libya - it’s a whole different zone,” Donadel said. “What I found very funny is that many of these news organizations are directly affiliated with the Vatican."

“The Catholic church has many affiliated organizations owned by them that have business going on with the migrants, so they have a conflict of interest,” he added.

Watch Luca Donadel's stunning exposé on the Mediterranean migrant ferrying operation with English subtitles:

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