Blacklisted Ship Offloads Migrants to Spain

More than 600 migrants aboard the MS Aquarius will be transferred to new boats for their journey to Spain after Italy and Malta barred the ship from entering their ports.

“Currently clearing the main deck to receive supplies delivered by Italian Coast Guard,” reports Euronews journalist Anelise Borges, who is aboard the vessel. “Aquarius will then be asked to transfer some people to two other vessels and all 629 passengers are to be taken to Spain.”

According to information shared by Doctors Without Borders, at least one of the transport ships belongs to the Italian Coast Guard.

Outrage has been building in the international open borders community after the new Italian government took a stand against the ‘rescue’ organizations involved in shuttling migrants from near the African coast back to Europe.

"Today even the ship Sea Watch 3, a German NGO flying Dutch flag, is off the coast of Libya waiting to take the umpteenth load of immigrants, to bring to Italy," Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini tweeted. "Italy has stopped bending its head and obeying, this time THERE ARE THOSE WHO SAY NO!"

The Maltese government followed suit, prompting a panic as supplies on the ‘overloaded’ craft reportedly began to run low and poor weather worsened.

Spain’s new socialist prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, announced that his country would gladly provide a "safe port" for Aquarius and welcome its occupants. Sanchez made headlines earlier this month as the first prime minister in Spanish history to be sworn in without a Bible.

“It is our obligation to help avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and offer a safe port to these people, as such meeting with the obligations of International Law,” Sanchez said in a press release.

However, due to adverse conditions, it was determined that Aquarius could not complete the journey to Valencia, and thus an intervention has been staged by the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Rome.

Infowars Europe recently interviewed Italian journalist Luca Donadel, who has done extensive work exposing how the migrant ferrying system works, tracking NGO vessels in the Mediterranean Sea as they conduct high-tech, well-financed ‘rescue missions.’

“The mainstream media was spreading fake news about the fact that the rescues were taking place in the Gulf of Sicily - but it’s not true at all because the NGO ships work in front of the coast of Libya in a completely different zone,” he explained.

Watch Donadel’s video below (English subtitles) - which was shared by new Interior Minister Salvini - to better understand how the operations work:

(PHOTO: Antonio Masiello/Getty Images)

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