'Reminiscent of Fascism' - Croatian President Slams COVID Tyranny in Austria

Croatian President Zoran Milanović blasted Austria's latest lockdown and COVID injection mandate as a "catastrophe," saying the events unfolding remind him of the "fascism" of the 1930s, according to reports.

President Milanović has repeatedly broken with the majority of his contemporaries in expressing frustration over medical authoritarianism and COVID hysteria pushed by the mainstream media and globalists.

During a press conference outside military barracks in Našice, Milanović was asked about the new lockdown in Austria, which began as one only for the 'unvaccinated' but was quickly expanded to include all residents effective Monday.

"Disaster. Catastrophe! I absolutely think that we are smarter than the Austrians and I think that the Swedish authorities are much smarter than them," he declared.

"I said to me what's going on in Austria is reminiscent of fascism. Excuse me. I watched what I said. Of course, I think the Austrian president is my friend."

Asked about reports the Croatian ambassador was summoned in Vienna over previous comments from Milanović invoking 'fascism,' he indicated reciprocal measures could be taken.

"Today we will call the Austrian ambassador if they call ours. We will express our deep concern for the fundamental human rights of the people in Austria. So we will see," he asserted.

"When they call for nonsense, then we're going to do it to them."

"It is not scientific and you are terrorizing people," he added.

All of Austria is now under strict lockdown orders and experimental COVID injections will be mandatory for the entire population from February 1, 2022.

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