Hungary Wants to Abolish ‘Gender Studies' Degrees, Cites Lack of Demand on Job Market

Hungarian universities may soon stop offering degrees in ‘gender studies’ after a government office cited little demand for the degree in the job market, according to Hungarian media.

For over a year, the Hungarian government has claimed the coursework is more of “an ideology more than a science,” and has asked the two universities still handing out the degrees to comment on the proposed ban, stated

One of the universities involved is the Central European University, founded by George Soros.

The Ministry of Human Resources previously stated that “the demand for graduates of ‘gender studies’ in the Hungarian labor market cannot be demonstrated.”

“…We can reasonably assume that it was not in response to the needs of the labor market and not for the students to gain knowledge rapidly and directly,” the ministry stated, as reported by

The ministry also cited the program’s “low attendance” and competition for resources shared by other programs with higher demand - and suggested the program serves “other interests” outside employment.

This sentiment was also echoed by Christian Democratic members of the government.

Proponents of the program criticized the government for only giving them 24 hours to comment on the draft regulation.

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