Report: Migrant Celebrates Swedish Citizenship by Raping Woman

After earning Swedish citizenship, a migrant reportedly raped a woman and claimed “now I can do what I want,” reports Fria Tider.

The unnamed 29-year-old brought his victim to a concrete bathing pier in Ingarö during a July evening and pushed her into the water to carry out the rape.

"He said he could do what he wanted with me because he recently became a Swedish citizen,” said the victim.

The woman reportedly had poor swimming skills and had her hair pulled multiple times to submerge her mouth every time she called for help.

Afterwards, he warned her to “keep quiet” and referenced his citizenship as a sort of pass for the violation.

“[He warned her she] could not talk to anyone, that she would keep quiet and that he could do what he wanted to her because he had recently become a Swedish citizen," reads the judgement regarding the event.

During the trial, after authorities dismissed his claim that the intercourse was voluntary, he confessed what he did was wrong, or “haram.”

Additionally, he told the district court he had given his victim an invitation to see an imam.

“When you are a female Muslim, you hold virginity until you marry,” he said. “As the sun rose, I asked Allah for forgiveness.”

The local judge sentenced the man to three years imprisonment and fined him a little over $13,000 to pay the woman.

Correspondingly, due to his recent citizenship status, he cannot be deported.

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