REPORT: Spanish Coast Guard Trafficking Migrants to Europe

The Spanish government is working with human traffickers to bring migrants from Africa to Europe, according to a new bombshell report.

Investigative journalists from Westmonster have released an interview with a Spanish police officer who asserts that the Spanish Maritime Search and Rescue agency (Salvamento Marítimo) ferries migrants from Morocco to mainland Europe.

"They aren't taking the people from the middle of the sea – they are going to Moroccan waters because the migrants take their phones and put the coordinates to the Tarifan (Spain) traffickers, then Tarifan traffickers call to the people of Salvamento Maritimo and they go over there to the Moroccan seas," the officer explained.

When asked if the Spanish government is doing anything to prevent this alleged activity by their agency, the officer replied, "Nothing . . . The people of Frontex (EU Border and Coast Guard Agency) knew that this summer would be a very bad summer with migrants, and they didn't do anything."

The officer estimated that no more than 10 to 20 percent of arriving migrants are women or children, and that the rest are men – figures that were approximately reflected when the NGO vessel Aquarius unloaded 630 migrants in Valencia in June, 450 of whom were reportedly able-bodied males abandoning mostly stable homelands.

"It's a bad future – for us and for them, because we can't help them because there are a lot of people there and we have a lot of problems here," the officer said. "Spanish people are very kind. We know we have to help the people, but we can't because the (last) crisis left us very bad."

Spanish parliament voted on Thursday to open access to healthcare for illegal migrants "under the same conditions as people who have Spanish nationality."

Spain has quickly become a primary point of maritime entry to Europe for illegal migrants, since Socialists, led by new prime minister Pedro Sánchez, effectively ousted the former center-right government this summer, and Italians elected an anti-migration administration which has worked quickly to seal its sea borders.

Health Minister Carmen Monton recently announced there are at least 10,000 unaccompanied migrant minors on Spanish soil, and the International Organization for Migration estimated that some 28,000 migrants arrived in Spain via the Mediterranean through the first eight months of 2018.


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