Report Warns 2021 Afghan Refugee Crisis Could Make 2015 Look Like a “Walk in the Park”

A report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies warns that the 2021 Afghan refugee crisis could make the 2015 refugee crisis look like a “geopolitical walk in the park” in comparison.

Humanitarian workers are warning of up to 3 million Afghan refugees could try to find their way to Europe following the Taliban’s takeover of the country.

CSIS Senior Fellow Erol Yayboke echoes those figures, projecting that the number of displaced Afghans, which currently stands at around 2.6 million worldwide, could easily double over the next two years alone.

“Unless the U.S. and its partners sufficiently respond to this next big refugee crisis, millions of displaced Afghans in 2021 could make the 2015 migration crisis seem like a geopolitical walk in the park,” states the report.

Noting that the 2015 migrant crisis saw over a million asylum seekers reach Europe from numerous different countries in the Middle East and North Africa, Yayboke warns that the number of Afghans alone heading west this time around “could eclipse even these peak figures.”

Where the “refugees,” most of whom are actually economic migrants, will end up, remains the larger question given that there is no appetite to accept them either in Europe or in neighboring Middle Eastern countries.

According to one diplomat in Kabul, despite European countries fortifying their borders since 2015, “not even tanks” can stop the coming influx if the numbers are large enough.

When asked whether they would prefer to settle in nearer countries with similar cultures, such as Saudi Arabia, the migrants made it clear that they would prefer to make the much longer journey to European welfare havens such as Germany.

Despite the massive risks posed by allowing in untold numbers of improperly vetted people from an unstable region of the world, the report calls on the United States to throw open its borders anyway.

“Some 4.5 million Vietnamese people were displaced after the fall of Saigon in 1975, many of whom settled in the U.S. and now own businesses, hold public office, and serve as the diasporic backbones of the communities that welcomed them decades ago,” writes Yayboke. “The same can be true of Afghans, if only the United States could see how today’s challenge could be tomorrow’s opportunity.”

As we document in the video below, the 2015 refugee influx into Europe led to soaring violent crime, mass sexual assaults and innumerable mass casualty terror attacks.

Quite how any sane person would want to see a repeat of that is beyond comprehension.


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Similar to the the 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake that rocked Haiti, the Taliban is a force of nature causing tectonic shifts under a crumbling Biden Administration lead by the nose by an incompetent Defense Department that has mismanaged the effort in Afghanistan from day one.

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