Right-Wing AfD Suggests Parts of Germany are Now Under an Islamic "Caliphate"

The German right-wing AfD party posted a graphic which suggested that parts of the country are now under the control of an Islamic “caliphate”.

Following the conclusion of the European elections, one of Alternative for Germany’s branches in Berlin posted an image on Facebook indicating that the western and southern states, where AfD received less support, had been taken over by Islamists.

The image showed the country split into the “republic of Germany” and the “German caliphate,” highlighted by a black banner featuring the Islamic declaration of faith.

The post, which was subsequently deleted, included the caption, “pictures speak louder than words”.

Despite receiving flak for the post, one respondent suggested she would prefer to live in an Islamic caliphate over a Germany governed by the AfD.

“If I had to live under AfD in something titled “The Federal Republic of Germany”, then I would take the green caliphate, please. There is sun and delicious food!” commented Christina Fischer.

As we previously reported, a shocking poster created by AfD Party showed a white woman being sold at an Islamic slave market alongside the words “So that Europe does not become ‘Eurabia’…Europeans vote for the AfD!”

Earlier this month, German leftists in the audience applauded death threats made against AfD during a political debate show.

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