Riots, Fires Rock Migrant Camp on Greek Island

An asylum camp on the Greek island of Chios erupted in violence and major fires as migrants rioted in response to the death of an Iraqi woman on Saturday.

At least three migrants have been arrested following the chaos, and Greek authorities have vowed to track down more suspects responsible for extensive damage at the facility.

“Two burned cars, burnt immigrant tents, attacks on the police checkpoints, are only some of the many incidents that started on Saturday morning and culminated at midnight on the same day,” Politis Chios reports.

Additional reports indicate a canteen, administrative buildings, warehouses, and residence containers were also burned or totally destroyed in the blazes.

A 47-year-old Iraqi woman died after a visit to the local hospital, and rumors spread that she had been infected with coronavirus, despite authorities saying the woman had tested negative.

Migrants lashed out and turmoil continued into Orthodox Easter Sunday.

“The incidents continued at 21:00 on Holy Saturday when a group of immigrants started attacking police with stones,” Politis Chios reports.

“Until the early hours of Easter Sunday, the stone-throwing battle continued with police trying to enforce order.”

There are an estimated 5,000 migrants currently living at the facility, which was designed to hold just 1,000 people.

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