Salafi Population in Berlin Doubles

The official count of Salafists in Berlin has doubled since 2011, as reported by Berliner Morgenpost.

Salafism, an ideology often associated with ISIS, is a devout sect of Islam that typically preaches the conquering of non-believers.

Authorities have observed 130 of these Salafis leaving the country and 60 returning to Germany from known war zones.

"The topic is urgent, and if we do not act now, we will not even see the train from behind, which has left," said one German official.

Another German official stressed that these Salifis were older than their official recorded age.

"We have seen that the Salafists in this city are not children and adolescents at all, but adults, who are in their early thirties," he said.

Government authorities state that approximately half of Salafism follwers in Berlin are "violence-oriented."

Germany "combats" the issue by spending over two million euros a year on its "deradicalization" programs with a particular focus on jihadis returning from war zones.

(PHOTO: Tobias Nordhausen via Flickr)

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