'Savage Horde' of Knife-wielding Youths Storm French Restaurant After Dispute With Owner

A restaurant in France was stormed by a 'savage horde' of young people after the owner asked them to stop disturbing his customers, according to reports.

The incident unfolded on Saturday evening near a park in Montbéliard, a town in the department of Doubs near the Swiss border.

Philippe Hugon, owner of the popular eatery Près-la-Rose, says youths on scooters were driving wildly around his business on paths where motorized vehicles are prohibited - which is apparently a frequent occurrence.

Hugon says he asked them multiple times to ride elsewhere, as he has on previous occasions.

The youths reportedly took offense to Hugon's request and rounded up a mob.

Shortly afterwards, a huge group of 20-25 people rode up to Près-la-Rose on a variety of ATVs and two-wheelers and began wreaking havoc.

“One made a phone call. In the five minutes that followed, we saw an armada of scooters, quads, motorcycles arrive whose drivers had anything but benevolent intentions. There were more than twenty of them,” the restaurateur told L'Est Républicain.

“A savage horde hurling insults, threats. One even drew a knife with an impressive blade. My 77-year-old mother suffered a slew of abusive language. Sheer madness."

Other members of the group who threatened diners and staff were also armed with knives, according to France Bleu.

While no one was harmed, Hugon was forced to evacuate the restaurant and planned to remain closed for the foreseeable future.

"It's madness. I've known Près-La-Rose for years. It wasn't like that before. My chef was afraid of dying. I'm not going to work in fear," he said.

"At night when it's dark in the Près-La-Rose, if you get caught, you're dead. There are no cameras and no one to help you."

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