Scottish Police Refuse to Call Transgender Butcher Who Kidnapped 11-Year-Old Girl a Man

Scottish police defied efforts to allow criminals who have committed predatory attacks against women to legally identify as women by referring to a transgender butcher who kidnapped an 11-year-old girl as a man.

The 11-year-old girl disappeared on Sunday in Gattonside near Galashiels and was missing for more than a day before being found “safe and well” at home after an agonizing search and rescue mission by authorities.

Andrew George Miller was subsequently taken into custody on Monday night, with police describing him as a “53-year-old man,” despite Miller supposedly “transitioning” to become Amy six years ago and dressing as a woman.

“The decision by police to refer to the suspect as a man comes despite Ms Sturgeon’s push to change the law so that those who self-identify as a particular gender in Scotland can easily gain legal recognition in that gender,” reports the Telegraph.

Before being arrested for the kidnapping, Miller made several social media posts expressing his opposition to the government in Westminster blocking Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s attempts to pass a law that would have allowed men, even those convicted of committing sex attacks against women, to legally identify as women.

“But the Transgender Policy. How can Westminster decide what we have decided?” Miller posted on Facebook, adding, “When we decide in Scotland.. It works for us in Scotland.. Simple as that.”

Another post by Miller stated, “Silly Billys in Westminster… Never mess with Scottish Transgender Issues.”

The transgender butcher caused shock in the local community by suddenly styling his hair as a woman and dressing in female clothing. In January 2020, Miller asserted that he was a “single woman, only interested in single women.”

As we previously highlighted, Sturgeon insisted that transgender criminals convicted for raping women are women, despite a car crash interview in which she appeared to flip flop all over the place.

The controversy began after 31-year-old Adam Graham, who was was found guilty of raping the two women during frenzied sex attacks, was sent to Scotland’s only all female prison.

Only when on trial for the attacks did Graham announce that he was “transitioning” into a woman, a process which seemingly culminated in him wearing a bad wig and cheap make-up.

Another individual, Andrew Burns, who subsequently identified as Tiffany Scott, was sent to the same all female correctional facility as Graham despite being convicted of stalking a 13-year-old girl as well as committing numerous attacks on women.


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