School Bans Halloween Costumes to Promote 'Inclusivity'

Students at a school in Edinburgh, Scotland, have been forbidden from wearing costumes to an upcoming 'Halloween' party in an effort to promote inclusivity and lower costs for parents.

The parent council of St. David's RC Primary School reportedly made the decision over concerns children who do not celebrate the holiday might not feel 'included.'

"The Catholic school shares a campus - including a shared dining hall - with the non-denominational Pirniehall Primary School, where children are allowed to dress up," the Daily Mail reports.

"A number of parents have been left furious at the decision, describing it as 'something out of the dark ages' and claiming it was only made by two parents on the committee."

Formerly a Halloween party, the event is now being billed as an 'Autumn dance.'

"Throughout the year the children are taught about other religions; they go to mosques, they learn about celebrating Ramadan and more," fumed one angry parent.

"I am shocked, we are living in Edinburgh one of the most tolerant cities in the UK, but we have been told our children can't celebrate Halloween at school because 'it's not our culture.' How is it that this decision has come down to two parents?"

An email circulated to parents reportedly states, "It was felt that any event organized for Halloween would not be inclusive of all children at the school."

"The costs involved for parents would put strain on family budgets. Sadly, the issue of Halloween has become quite contentious and this also played a part in our decision."

According to the school website, St. David's prides itself as a "diverse and multi-cultural" school with a "friendly, welcoming ethos."

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