Serbia Imposes 60-Hour 'Total Ban on Movement'

Serbia is preparing for extreme lockdown measures which require all residents to remain inside their homes for the entire weekend as the Balkan nation battles to cover lost ground due to poor government response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting at 5 pm on Friday, Serbian authorities will enforce a 'total ban on movement,' which will last until Monday morning at 5 am.

Residents will be permitted short walks to relieve pets during specified windows on each day, with no other exceptions aside from medical emergencies.

"Citizens over the age of 65 can leave their homes on Friday from four to seven in the morning, to buy groceries at stores that will operate on Friday, at the same time, from four to seven in the morning," B92 reports.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and his administration have been accused of badly underestimating the severity of the Chinese virus, even joking and claiming it was 'weaker than the typical flu.'

Vucic has repeatedly praised the Chinese communist regime, calling them "the only ones who can help us."

"We are waiting here for our Chinese brothers," Vucic told China's ambassador to Serbia in March. "It has turned out that without you Europe can hardly defend itself."

A digital billboard situated outside the National Assembly in Belgrade now displays an image of Chinese President Xi Jinping, along with the message, "Thank you, brother Xi."


An Infowars source in Serbia has called the situation there "chaotic," asserting the "corrupt" political establishment has cost lives with ineptitude and inaction, which has given way to a frenzied overcorrection.

"As much as I hate being in my home all the time, I appreaciate this more than incompetence, pleading and promises that sound good but do not work," our Serbian source asserts. "The people here don't respect or listen to the ruling class so the only way to produce some kind of order is via this almost tyrannical approach."

"However, the shady practices of our government have thankfully made it possible for us to have all the food and resources needed. And they gathered plenty of respirators we otherwise wouldn’t have. It's somewhat like being friends with the high school bully."

The Serbian government has reportedly gone to great lengths to silence opposition and whistleblowers as the crisis has unfolded, even arresting a reporter who documented the unsanitary conditions of a key treatment center for coronavirus patients where doctors and nurses were not even wearing masks or gloves.

Plans for the 60-hour curfew were leaked ahead of time by a whistleblower attempting to warn the general public to stock up on necessities, which spawned a panic and run on stores.

Shortly afterward, the leaker was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison – via a short trial on Skype.

Serbia has recorded 2,867 confirmed coronavirus cases and 66 related deaths at the time of this writing.

Infowars reporter Savanah Hernandez joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the current state of those cowering in fear and willingly submitting to life under a 'police state' lockdown of society.


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