Shock Scenes as Chechen, North African Gangs Wage War in France

Reports of incredible violence have emerged from skirmishes between gangs of ethnic Chechens and North Africans in the French city of Dijon.

Hundreds of Chechens descended upon the city from around France to wage war after a 16-year-old Chechen boy was severely beaten by Arab drug dealers, according to reports.

Armed with guns, large blades, bats, and other lethal weapons, Chechens arrived to 'settle the score' during battles that lasted throughout the weekend.

“Chechens from all over France attacked a hookah bar: the ‘Black Pearl’ at Place de la RĂ©publique, where the potential culprits were found,” France Bleu reports.

“The fight left a dozen people injured, some of them seriously: one of them is said to have broken his arm, some of them are unable to work.”

Police reportedly dispersed the warring factions using tear gas.

Multiple videos purportedly show a car driven at high speed near a group of Chechens before the driver loses control and crashes as a mob of armed men rush the shattered vehicle.

"The fighting this weekend was extremely violent, according to residents' testimonies, some say they saw a man receive an ax to the head," France Bleu reports.

Prominent French politician Marine Le Pen called attention to the violence on social media, writing, "Our country sinks into chaos! What does [Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner] do? Gangs are waging an ethnic war, automatic weapons in hand."

"Surreal scenes of total insurrection after the departure of the Chechen community, as the Maghreb community celebrates their departure," France News 24 reported on another video depicting a smoking war zone.

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