Shock Trend: Swedish Men Self-Sterilizing

The number of men choosing to sterilize themselves is on the rise in Sweden with rates more than doubling in the capital city of Stockholm.

Men willingly opting for the procedure is apparently their response to another trend where Sweden’s women are avoiding contraception altogether due to the negative side-effects linked to birth control, according to a local midwife.

"Women of today are a little more negative for contraception, many have certainly experienced a number of side effects that prevent them from using contraceptives," he said. "Then men choose to take responsibility for reproductive health in this way.”

Since 2013, Sweden has seen a 70% increase in the procedure with rates in regional hotbeds for the operation having more than doubled in that time.

Most notable is Stockholm where in 2014 the amount was 329 and this year's count is 688 and rising.

National law forbids men under 25 to volunteer for sterilization - and if the patient wants to later reverse the operation, success for having children is drastically reduced.

Interestingly, in this same time period, Sweden has seen a "dramatic" increase in sex crimes where offenses have more than doubled since 2013.

It is important to note that the fertility rate among Swedish nationals is far below replacement levels.

(PHOTO: Øyvind Holmstad / Wikimedia Commons)

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