Shock Video: Brutal Machete Fight on UK Street

A horrifying brawl involving multiple men armed with large blades unfolded in broad daylight on a street in Manchester, England, according to reports.

The incident unfolded at around 7 p.m. on Monday when a man was attacked on a sidewalk in the Cheetham Hill neighborhood.

Surveillance footage shows a male suspect jump from a taxi and begin hacking another man with a machete in what authorities are calling a ‘targeted attack.’

The victim sustained multiple blows to the head and hand and may have lost a finger.

The injured man can then be seen charging after the vehicle while brandishing a blade of his own.

He appears to pull his assailant from the car as both men wildly swing their weapons at each other.

“I saw two guys running to the taxi, then the machete swung and a guy’s finger was cut off. He was telling us to find his finger. I’m still in shock. It is awful,” a witness told the Manchester Evening News.

One local worker said the bloody event was “quite normal.”

“There’s been four since I have been [working here], I think."

Greater Manchester Police say the wounded man was taken to hospital with “serious and potentially life-changing injuries.”

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