Shock Video: Driver of Pro-Life Van Attacked in Poland

A man driving a van advertising opposition to abortion was attacked by a male suspect last week in Poland, according to reports.

The disturbing incident unfolded on January 26 in the Wilanów district of Warsaw, the Polish capital.

A vehicle displaying materials critical of illegal abortion drugs was on the road when the driver came under assault, TVP reports.

The ambush was captured by a camera mounted inside the truck.

"The assailant first threw a heavy object at the car and then opened the door and started to grab and pull the clothes of the driver of the car," the Pro-Right to Life Foundation explained in a statement. "He also hit him twice with the door and tried to destroy his phone."

"The incident can be seen on the video that we are providing. If you recognize the attacker, please contact the Foundation or the police."

The suspect can be seen running away as the driver collects his phone from the ground.

A similar attack reportedly took place in November when a volunteer for the Foundation was beaten with a heavy chain while sitting in a vehicle in Warsaw.

A Reese Report edit of Riccardo Bosi’s recent address to all people sworn to defend their nation.

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