Shock Video: Female 'Beggars' Throw Poop at Each Other in Sweden

Two rivals identified as "Roma women" threw their own feces at each other during a dispute on street in Sweden, according to reports.

The shocking incident unfolded in broad daylight in Hammarby, an "exclusive" district of Stockholm, Fria Tider reports.

Two women in gypsy-style garb can be seen yelling at each other in front of riders at a tram stop and appearing to grab handfuls of excrement from under their skirts.

Video of the 'poop war' surfaced on Tik Tok and was spread on other social media platforms.

"In the video you see two adult beggars who get into a fight. They decide to poop in their hands and then throw at each other," Twitter user Färbåd Jalali wrote alongside a copy of the clip. "What the hell are they doing? Do they not see that the environment becomes sick and uncomfortable?"

"They do not learn Swedish, do not work and demand money from us. Out!"

It is unclear what sparked the confrontation or how it concluded.

Prominent Swedish fashion designer Johan Lindeberg recently asserted that Swedes must embrace a new multicultural identity or face imminent “civil war."

“Either we all help to create a new inclusive energy and become a clear international template for a new multicultural community. Or we end up in a civil war. It has already started,” Lindeberg wrote in an opinion piece published in Expressen this week.

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