Shock Video: Man Brutally Beaten, Run Over With Scooter in France

A man is recovering from injuries sustained when he was attacked by multiple assailants who ran him over with their motorbike in France over the weekend, according to reports.

The shocking incident unfolded at around 2 a.m. on Saturday in Toulouse, a city in the department of Haute-Garonne.

A 31-year-old man left a bar after having drinks with friends and was walking over the Saint-Pierre Bridge when he encountered a scooter being ridden dangerously by two males.

"During the trip, I met two young people who were traveling a little fast. I asked them to brake a little to avoid hitting a pedestrian," the man, identified only as 'Christian,' told BFM TV.

After an exchange of insults, the riders jumped off the scooter and launched a brutal assault that was captured on camera.


The suspects can be seen kicking and punching Christian, even stomping his head as he lies in the road.

“They continued to slaughter him when he was on the ground. One of the assailants was even aiming for the head, it was so wild," a female witness told La Depeche.

"He seemed lifeless on the ground. It was abominable."

Shockingly, the suspects can be seen jumping back on their motorbike and then driving it over Christian's body as they flee the scene.

Bystanders attempted to intervene, with one man even throwing his bicycle in the path of the scooter.

"The Saint-Pierre bridge in Toulouse had been pedestrianized for the summer in order to 'bring good humor' and a 'relaxed atmosphere,'" one Twitter user pointed out after the attack.

Christian, who remained conscious throughout the beating, says he is "morally broken" and will "never go out again in Toulouse."

"I have anger in me and a great incomprehension," he asserted. "Will I succeed in resuming the course of my life? I don't know."

The suspects are still on the loose, according to the latest available updates at the time of this writing.

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