Shock Video: 'Migrant' Destroys Bus in Italy

A bus in Milan, Italy, was badly damaged during a vandalism spree by a man suspected of being a migrant, according to reports.

Video of a rampage unfolding in broad daylight was shared by Matteo Salvini, former interior minister and leader of the nationalist-populist Lega party.

The man can be seen approaching a bus stopped outside a cafe.

Horrified guests watch as the suspect systematically smashes the windshield, exterior digital signage, and various other windows using what appears to be a large rock.

"Milan, another precious 'resource' maintained at the expense of the Italians..." Salvini wrote alongside the video in a Twitter post.

Italy's second largest city by population has also become one of its most crime-ridden.

The formerly glamorous mecca of high fashion has been overrun by illegal aliens from Africa who have capitalized on oppressive restrictions forced upon Italian citizens during the COVID crisis.

"Tourists arriving in the city not only find themselves surrounded by immigrants sleeping in tents and sleeping bags placed in the flower beds or under the arcades of the streets surrounding [Milan Central Station], but now even when walking in the heart of Milan, in Piazza Duomo, they witness the exchange of money and drugs," Italian journalist Francesca Galici wrote in Il Giornale in June.

"It is a disaster that no one seems willing to remedy and that paints an image of Milan in the throes of total decay, certainly not a postcard that invites tourists to visit the metropolis and its treasures."

Infowars Europe frequently documents havoc wreaked by migrants across Italy.

Alex Jones and Tim Enlow join the show to brief the listeners on the rapidly deteriorating situation on the Texas/Mexico border.

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