Shock Video: 'Rival Gangs' Battle in Brussels Metro

Young 'foreign' men battled with weapons aboard a train in the Brussels metro in what is being called a 'settling of scores between rival gangs' by local media.

The harrowing incident reportedly unfolded at around 4 p.m. on Friday at a station in the Osseghem district of the Belgian capital.

At least three males can be seen fighting through the open doors of a train car in video footage shared to social media.

"General brawl between foreigners in the metro in Brussels," wrote Twitter user Pierrebxl.

While one assailant on the platform swings a long stick at a man inside the carriage, another male can be seen discharging a spray through the doorway.

Other passengers can be seen fleeing the scene amid screams as more young males arrive on the scene.

"The assaulted person - we do not know what may have happened before - finally manages to catch the stick of his attacker. The belligerents then left the metro station," La Libre reports.

"Quickly informed, the police succeeded in intercepting the perpetrators of the assault. A person was arrested. It was a settling of scores between rival gangs.

Infowars frequently documents violent crimes, often committed by migrants, on mass transit across Europe.

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