Shock Video: Suspect Slashes Victims With Machete in Front of Church in England

Two people suffered knife wounds when a suspect stabbed them outside a church in broad daylight in England this week, according to reports.

The horrifying incident unfolded at around 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday in Huddersfield, a town in West Yorkshire.

A man wielding a large blade slashed two male victims near Huddersfield Parish Church in the town center for unknown reasons.

Footage of part of the attack was shared on social media.

A hooded suspect dressed all in black can be seen approaching a man in the street.

The suspect suddenly strikes the man with a machete-like weapon.

It is unclear what transpired immediately before or after the video.

Two victims were rushed to hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

"This is a serious incident that happened on the streets of Huddersfield town centre in broad daylight. We take knife crime in the district extremely seriously and we are working to identify those responsible," Detective Inspector Richard Hulme told local media.

“We have seen the video footage that has been circulated on social media and we are conducting a number of lines of enquiry. Local Neighbourhood Policing Teams will be conducting further patrols in the area to provide public reassurance."

The suspect is still on the loose, according to the latest available updates.

Earlier this week, residents of Huddersfield were shocked and outraged after learning of government plans to place more than 80 migrants, all of whom are 'single men,' at a converted mill in town later this month.

"It is going to be a permanent facility? It is frightening because it is a quiet place up here. They are coming in next week and they haven't given us a chance to kick against it," a local woman told Yorkshire Live.

'Asylum seekers' continue to pour into Britain, many of whom arrive via the English Channel with the assistance of U.K. authorities.

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